Monday, March 23, 2009

Posted on Digg, re: Un-American: Have you listened to the right-wing media?

I never really call the conservatives, except when I'm being ironic. They are right-wing. *I* am conservative.

I believe in the Constitution, which mandates separation of Church and State. I believe that the government doesn't have the right to suspend the document.

I believe that corporations are creatures of the government, granted existence through our grace and exist for the betterment of the country collectively, and when they go off the rails, should be disbanded for breach of the contract by which they are tolerated.

I believe that corporations do not have superpowers that government do not have, and that government cannot use them to bypass laws on surveillance, for example.

I believe that for the most part, we pay the bills as we go. That means no tax cuts if the bills aren't paid. That means no borrowing to pretend there are no bills. A little deficit spending during bad times is utterly necessary, as capitalism is not perfect. But deficit spending during good times to pretend and pander that taxes don't need to be paid? No.

I believe that the Secret Service, the CIA, and all the little hunter-killer secret squads the right love so much should be brought back under government control.

I believe in a public good that overrides immediate private gain. I have a lot of good company in that belief.

I believe that destroying other countries for economic gain is a losing proposition that costs us skyscrapers in the short run and pariah hood and bankruptcy in the long run.

I believe that what a person does to his brain chemistry is his business, and that the consequences of that experimentation belong to him as well. I do not believe that the armed forces and police exist to force us to be the perfect humans that some want us to be - and that those "some" are some of the worst liars and hypocrites in that regard.

I believe that those who want to go to war against other countries for no damned reason but power/money should be forced to spend their own damned lives and their children's as well, or forfeit the right to vote for such invasions. You want the oil, go shoot them yourselves, or shut up.

That a start. That's conservative. The right are just... radicals. Disconnected, spoiled and false-to-fact.