Friday, January 23, 2009

So Obama frees the stem cell lines for research today.

A ban Bush put in place to save baby souls.

And remember this well: he took a week off to think about this subject before issuing the ban. Went on a retreat, listened to "spiritual leaders" about the subject. What didn't he do that very special week?

I'll give you a hint: he didn't read a report called "Bin Laden determined to strike within the United States", which was presented to him for action. He told the CIA rep, "Okay, you covered your ass." Literally said that. On the record.

He saved the garbage-bound embryonic souls, tho, and that was more important, if, of course, were you religiously insane.

Monday, January 19, 2009

If George Bush has left the White House already, who the hell is the President at the moment? Is he phoning it in?

Friday, January 09, 2009

Paper vs. electronic ballots

I can't stress enough: Franken could win this election because the voters, through their election process, could count the actual ballots, on actual solid really real pieces of paper.

If an electronic system was in place, no recount would be possible, as the ballots would be unexaminable and totals only available through the kindness of private companies. Franken would have lost, been robbed, had electronic voting machines been used, and Coleman would have won, as did so many Republicans have done in the past eight years, through the use of magical mystery machines.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

It struck me, in the few minutes of one of the Obama/McCain debates last year, that Obama would be a Republican in the America I grew up in. I remarked that he was just another Republican, in my rude fashion, to my couchmates at the time.

So today, Firedog lake diarist DeanBaker reports that Obman is thinking of "restructuring" Social Security and Medicare to bring it in line with our national debt. In other words, he's long bought into the myth that Social Security and Medicare is bankrupt.

Recall that the Social Security trust fund was supercharged with increased taxes in the early Eighties for the sole purpose of being fully capable of handling the Baby Boomers in the 21st century. And that the fund was stolen - "borrowed" - in 1985 by Reagan and a compliant Congress to assuage the deficit and increasing national debt brought on by the supply-side tax cuts that have crippled us and the world.

The "restructuring, as DeanBaker reminds us, is a robbery of the trust fund's IOU's, a default on repayment on the loans made to the Greed is Gooders of the Eighties. Even tho it was long shown that the SS killers' arguments were based on incredibly manipulated data - see Krugman for details - Obama has bought into the rightist screed. We have another Republican, ladies and germs.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Here it is, a new Watchmen trailer, now with extra Rorschach!