Saturday, July 02, 2005

Sooooo... as we all expected, Karl Rove was the piece of work that orchestrated the outing of undercover CIA agent, Valerie Plame, to punish Wilson for his damning book about the secret origins of the Iraq invasion.

Amazing that the two sources for this news are talking just before Tennis Sunday on the big networks, so that there will be no Sunday gabfest coverage of the implications of this revelation.

Rove is orchestrating this "leak", it seems to me. Since the Supremes have eliminated journalists' historic protection from revealing their sources, and Time has turned over the notes, Rove might as well let the news out on a slow weekend to control and limit the damage done to his reputation. Let the excuses commence: already his people are saying he never personally leaked the information. Bah. He let someone else do the dirty work, and now he will try to make that loyal bastard swing for his crime.

Keep this in mind, as you munch your hot dogs this weekend:

Rove masterminded the War On Terror meme. He turned a small attack with a huge number of fatalities into a War Against Terror, in reality a war against Islam in the minds of the gullible. He created the WMD scare, He used that terror to boost his boss and gain for him dictatorial powers.

at the same time, he thought so little of the threat of WMD's in the world that he had no problem whatsoever in destroying the operation of which Valerie Plame was a part - a company covertly engaged in the search for the very weapons that Rove impressed on the American public were the highest national priority, a veritable death sentence about to be imposed at any second.

He is either a liar about his belief in the danger of WMD's to our national security, the danger he ruthlessly flogged to justify the invasion, occupation and pacification of Iraq, and started a war and a national panic to grant his boy a king's rule -- or he did believe in the danger, and
didn't care, which in this time of "war" he so ruthlessly proselytized would be treason of the lowest sort.

Liar or traitor. Lied about the causes of his invasion, or doesn't give a fuck about destroying a CIA anti-WMD operation in order to punish Wilson for telling the truth.

Time for him to burn. Pity the Republicans in Washington and the press will wet down all the matches.