Friday, February 06, 2009

Fire Sale!

I hear the talking Democratic heads on Rachel Madow carefully pointing out that the Republicans should remember that so much depends on what they do right now - depression or recession, loss or win.

Damn. I must point out what they surely know but cannot say - but should.

If the economy tanks, if we enter a Greater Depression, those who hold wealth - and Republicans represent them - will be in a position unmatched in human history to buy up the planet's assets at depressed prices, as the deflation cycle finally ignites later this year. If we collapse, they will buy us. And in ten, twenty years, they will have used their newly-purchased positions as lairds of all to redirect civilization into something they enjoy, a true corporatocracy. And they will be wealthy beyond any conception most can summon today. We will see trillionaires. We will see gods. And they will live for over a century, as they will be able to purchase future bio-tech to keep them alive long after we wish they would simply die already.

This is not a game. Watch what the banks are doing with all that cash they demanded and received under Bush. They are not lending it out - they are buying rival banks at depressed prices. Watch that trend intensify, and watch other wealthy actors move to copy them.

Sure they want new tax cuts for capital gains and corporations. The more money to buy us out, the better. And we'd have given them the money to do it with.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009