Monday, March 23, 2009

Is Twitter the Vengeance of the Popular Kids' Lunch Table?

Seriously. The tech world has long been dominated by loner geeks: those who wouldn't be dating the cheerleader from the Popular Table in the school lunchroom.

I'm listening to Leo LaPorte's TWIT podcast, just downloaded fresh this morning. And Twitter, as they mention, has consumed the tech world. And Twitter is nothing but a popularity contest, and rewards and enriches the Kool Kids, with little regard to their actual abilities in tech. I could name names - Keeevvvvinn... Alexxxx....

TWIT has become a millionaires' club, full of 1) Young 2) Attractive people from wealthy/upper middle class backgrounds who behold endless vistas of opportunity before them. This is well and good, as such always are on top. But Twitter is supercharging the Kool Kids, while the tech duds who have always made this wonderful new world are becoming hangers-on, fans, recipients of restraining orders metaphorically who aren't invited to the tech table.

And yes, they were once the only occupants of that table. But like all other human endeavors, the business is being overwhelmed by celebrity and beauty and priviledge. Such is life.