Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today, November 7, 2006, we Americans will see if we have a democracy or a termite-emptied shell of what used to be a representative system.

My negative prediction: the operative or operatives responsible for manipulating e-voting machines and the tabulation system that forms the more critical part of those e-voting networks will give a pass to trying to manipulate the House races, given the large number of races they would need to undetectably intervene in.

They can, must tip the Senate races, because to lose both House and Senate would lift the rock under which a lot of bugs currently hide in the damp darkness. Too much money stolen, too many people killed, too many laws are being broken to give the Dems total control of the legislative branch -- and the investigative powers they would wield.

So, at 2:25 Central time, I predict either of two events:

1. Lieberman wins. The e-machine totals will be tweaked at the local level in enough places, tightly contested, so that the Senate splits 50-50 at the very most. Lieberman will vote Republican anyway, so no problem for them.

2. Lieberman loses. The cheater(s) will do their damnedest to bring in a 51 member majority no matter what it takes. Kerry's mispoke joke and the values voters meme will be trotted out to explain the disparity by the assembled media millionaires.