Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Kerry Throws Away Another Gun.

Well. I haven't had time to track this down, but it seems Kerry has decided that he doesn't want his supporters using the issue of George's AWOL/desertion from the National Guard in wartime to bash Bush's electoral brains out.

First, Kerry can't use the fact that Bush conned us into a war, because Kerry voted for giving Bush dictatorial powers to wage war. Even so, the biggest attack job that Rove has prepped paints Kerry as a hypocrite even so.

NOW he's throwing away the second biggest hammer he's got? Is he trying to lose? What is he going to run on?

I miss Dean. He didn't have Kerry's vote baggage, and he would never have thrown his biggest attack points away for no freaking reason.

But Dean insulted the wrong people, both in the Democratic party and the news media management itself. Stating categorically that he was going to try to break up the new Supermedia corporations guaranteed that he'd be tried and executed on TV, and it was so.

So now, the crowned one declares he's throwing down his weapons.

Anyone for Canada? How about a new country? What's going on in Antarctica?